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“Great Value and Overall Experience”

Reviewed December 30, 2014
This location is within a walk to downtown/springs district spots or a 3 minute drive. The proprietors are pleasant and helpful and keep the property clean and in good order. An overall great value with some quirky details that make it stand out from others in the budget category.

“Great Value and Overall Experience”

5 of 5 stars     Reviewed October 18, 2014
Going south out of Albuquerque, we intended to stay at the Riverbend Spa in Truth or Consequences. All filled up but the desk clerk directed us to Rocket Inn where we spent the nicest evening. Val, the owner, was so friendly and helpful and passed out rocket pops to us at our cocktail hour( you know, the blue,white & red popsicles kids love) The motel was very clean and cozy with a great sitting area outside our door. To top it off, we were able to buy discount tics to the Riverbend Spa hot tubs! The hubs and I would definitely stay here again.

“Cleanest, quietest, coolest and cutest!”

5 of 5 stars Trip Advisor
I have stayed and a lot of small motels in my life, however, the Rocket Inn is by far the cleanest and cutest. I have stayed there several times now, and it is the only motel I will stay in when I visit the area.
CLEANEST: It has come such a long way since it was the Red Haven Inn. The new owners have pretty much gutted the place and made everything fresh and new. The floors look like wood but they are the cleanest I have ever seen in a motel. So clean you can eat off the floor! Not only is it clean, they must use environmentally kind cleaning supplies. I have contact allergies and usually have a reaction from sheets in other places. In fact, I have been known that if I'm staying for more than a few days I will strip the sheets myself and wash them and use a vinegar rinse and put them back in the bed just to save my poor skin from a reaction. At the Rocket Inn, not only is it clean, it doesn't smell artificial and chemically, just clean.
QUIETEST: The walls between the rooms are super thick with I guess decades of plastering. The effect makes it very quiet and peaceful. That, along with the super comfortable beds, ensure that I have a good night's sleep.
COOLEST: there are two reasons this motel is the coolest. One, the air conditioning is quiet and very efficient. Oh and by the way, the air conditioning unit its very clean too. I usually bring Lysol to spray on the air conditioning units because they can smell musty. No problem here. In the evening however, I turn off the AC and open the window to enjoy both the cool breeze and the view of Turtleback mountain.
Two, the owners, Val and Cyd, are so cool and nice, friendly and helpful. I think because I was extra nice and stayed for so long and so many times, they even gave me a free voucher for a mineral soak at the local spa!
CUTEST: they make kitschy cool! They have honored the mid century atomic age motel with the decorating, making it cute without going overboard. I love the pattern of the bed cushion and runner.
They have landscaped the outside to make it a little oasis with plants, picnic tables, and cute benches.
I highly recommend this jewel in the desert!