Santa Fe Opera performs in Truth or Consequences

  • Santa Fe Opera performs in Truth or Consequences

Rocket Inn offers discount to opera buffs

Rocket Inn in Truth or Consequences, NM is enthralled that the Santa Fe Opera is offering our little town a taste of high culture for the incredible price of FREE!
Please join us at the Rocket Inn for a special 10% discount when you book direct through our website or call us for reservations., 575.894.2964, 605 N. Date St, T or C, NM 87901. Discount will be applied at check-in. (This special offer applies to your nightly rate only and cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts. Does not apply to 3rd party booking agents, ie Booking .com, etc)

Santa Fe Opera Spring Apprentice Tour

Performing “Trinity” – an operetta
commissioned for the SFO’s 50th anniversary
6pm Saturday, April 28, 2018
Free Admission
Ralph Edwards Civic Center
400 W 4th Street
Truth or Consequences, NM
Reception with the SFO artists immediately following at
Grapes Gallery
407 Main Street, TorC – $10 donation
For more information call Sierra Council Arts Council, 575-894-0615
or visit our county info site:

Saturday April 28

Santa Fe Opera Apprentice Performance

6pm, Ralph Edwards Civic AuditoriumTruth or Consequences

The Santa Fe Opera (SFO) will offer a free performance of “Trinity,” an operetta about the birth of the atomic age. Commissioned for the SFO’s 50th anniversary, the short opera reflects the duality of the invention of the atomic bomb, developed in New Mexico during World War II. While the invention definitively ended the war and saved many American lives, it also ushered in the Cold War and the arms race, which puts the whole of humanity at risk. “Trinity” offers both insight and hope. Each year, SFO’s upcoming performers bring a taste of high art to small and rural communities across New Mexico with their apprentice tour. The performance is sponsored by NM Arts and the Sierra County Arts Council (SCAC). Several local lodges will offer special pricing on rooms for Opera night, including the Pelican Spa, the Rocket InnRiverbend Hot Springs, the Desert View Inn, and the Charles Motel & Spa. The performance is free, and SCAC is organizing a reception with the SFO artists immediately following the performance at Grapes Gallery, 407 Main Street, T or C. A $10 donation is requested. Enjoy complimentary wine and appetizers, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with the rising stars of the Santa Fe Opera. For more information contact Rebecca Speakes at 575-894-0615 or

Santa Fe Opera site:


'Commissioned for The Santa Fe Opera’s 50th Anniversary'

This one-act opera is presented on the 75th Commemoration of the development of the atomic bomb. Trinity takes place in southern New Mexico in the present day and during World War II.

The story begins at Trinity Test Site, New Mexico, present day.  A teenage boy, Atom, is pushed into a room where an older woman already sits. He was caught trying to take a piece of Trinitite from the Trinity test site. He does not see the older woman, at first, and is muttering to himself. Unable to avoid listening to him the older woman interrupts his mutterings after hearing him mention the Trinitite.  She pulls from her vast bag, her own rock, a geode.

We are then transported to the past when the older woman, whose name we learn is Tessa, was also a teenager.  It is during WWII and Prisoners of War (POWs) have been transferred to New Mexico. Young Tessa meets Carlo, an Italian POW, and over time, they develop a friendship, as he introduces her to opera and his love of music. Together they discover that music provides solace when all hope appears gone. Returning to the present, the older Tessa now passes this message on to Atom.

Music:  John Kennedy
Libretto:  Andrea Fellows Walters
Stage Director:  Kathleen Clawson